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Each year, thousands of wonderful dogs languish in shelters because their breeds' bad reputations caused them to be passed over by prospective adopters.

Many others are abused by cruel and ignorant owners who want these dogs only because of a "dangerous" reputation, and are bound and determined to make sure their pets live up to it; those who don't measure up are thrown away like garbage.

Still others are maimed or killed in cruel, barbaric, and ILLEGAL dogfights for the sake of gambling or sheer morbid entertainment.

Lastly, each year a few dogs who have been bred or trained to live up to a vicious reputation are involved in otherwise-preventable attacks, causing injury or death to humans.  These tragic events are invariably given much publicity, helping to reinforce the misconceptions already surrounding these animals.

If you are an animal lover, or someone whose life has been enriched by loving -- and being loved by -- one or more of these Dogs of Disrepute, this site is for you.
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BAD PRESS (Breed Anti-Defamation, Protection, and Rescue Society, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies upon tax-deductible public donations to fund our education and rescue referral operations.  No members or officers receive monetary compensation of any kind, nor does the organization use paid professional fundraisers.  All proceeds from donations and merchandise sales go directly toward funding the organization's education and rescue referral activities.  A copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service may be obtained by contacting  the BAD PRESS office.  Eligibility of the organization to receive tax-deductible contributions may be verified by searching the IRS Charities Database at
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"I am accustomed to hearing
malicious falsehoods  about myself...
But I think I have a right to resent --
  to object to --
       libelous statements about my dog."
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Let Your Dog Bite Back!