About Us...

BAD PRESS (Breed Anti-Defamation, Protection, and Rescue Society, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies upon tax-deductible public donations to fund our education and rescue referral operations.  We have no paid employees, nor do we rely on paid professional fundraisers.  All money received from donations and merchandise sales are used to support our various programs, as well as contribute to worthy animal welfare organizations and rescues.  The official registration and financial information of Breed Anti-Defamation, Protection, and Rescue Society, Inc. dba BAD PRESS may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

BAD PRESS was officially incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2003.  Founded by two best friends who had experienced the tragic consequences of breed prejudice, as evidenced by the huge numbers of pit bulls and rottweilers filling local animal shelters, the organization's primary goals are:

(1) To combat, via advertising and public education, the myths and misunderstandings regarding dog breeds who have gained undeserved reputations for viciousness or other negative traits (i.e., “stigmatized” dog breeds) by
(i) Educating the public on the true nature of such breeds;
(ii) Educating the public on the origins of such myths and misunderstandings;
(iii) Educating the public on dog behavior and proper safety practices to reduce the number of dog bite incidents; and
(iv) Educating the owners of such breeds on responsible ownership to avoid incidents and promote better public
    acceptance of such breeds;

(2) To encourage responsible breeding practices regarding such breeds by
(i)  Encouraging breeders of stigmatized dog breeds to selectively breed for good health and temperament;
(ii)  Encouraging breeders to limit the number of litters produced;
(iii) Encouraging breeders to carefully screen prospective buyers to insure that purchasers of such dogs will properly
care for them and take the proper responsibility for the training and socialization of the animals;
(iv)  Encouraging spaying and neutering of all dogs not intended for use in planned breeding;

(3)  To promote adoption of stigmatized dog breeds from animal shelters and animal fostering organizations;

(4)  To assist and promote, via monetary contributions, volunteerism, and such other activities as may from time to time
be determined by the Officers, any animal welfare organizations, shelters, fostering organizations, and rescue
groups who are involved in the care, rehoming, and/or protection of stigmatized dog breeds; and

(5)  To provide general information on stigmatized dog breeds to the public via both direct education and referral to
knowledgeable organizations, websites, and publications.