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He dances
  unabashed and unfettered,
   muscles rippling in symphony of sinew, bone and boundless movement.
Flashes of sable and sunlight quivering,
  the air is alight with motion
       joining in his brazen ballet.
He leaps with ageless abandon,
    magic and majesty,
      wisdom and whimsy,
  one with the air, the warmth of the sun, the cool grass underfoot.
His fathers toiled in mud and dust,
  crushing jaws gripping maddened flesh --
     strife amidst thunderous hooves,
  hot breath,
    slashing horns.
All this is forgotten for the moment,
  like me,
     watching with wonder in the shadows.
Heritage forsaken,
  he is happy to lose himself
    in this simple celebration of spring,
  neither warrior nor worker,
     gladiator nor guardian,
content simply to be
  a dog
    dancing in the sunlight.

©2008 Lori Zimmer


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Artwork by Brittany Husband
LEFT: Painting by BAD PRESS member/volunteer Brittany Husband
Poetry and photography by BAD PRESS cofounder-president Lori Zimmer