National Kennel Clubs
National organizations are great sources of information and links to other resources.  They strive to preserve the purity of dog breeds, as well as promote various activities for owners of purebred dogs.  Sponsored activities generally go beyond conformation shows; sporting and herding dog trials, Schutzhund competitions, and agility or weight-pulling contests are among those usually offered.
Registry in a national organization is highly recommended if you plan to breed your dog and/or participate in organized competitions; however, it's not necessary if you simply want to love your dog and enjoy his/her companionship!  Still, it's always a good idea to check out the valuable information and links these groups have to offer.
American Kennel Club
Known more familiarly as the AKC; probably the most well-known kennel club.  It has not always been "pit bull friendly"; however, it does recognize the breed under the name American Staffordshire Terrier.  It enforces strict requirements and standards in order to promote the integrity of the breeds it recognizes.  A very informative website with plenty of breed information and links to other clubs and organizations.

United Kennel Club
The UKC is the other of the "Big Two" kennel clubs.  It was the first kennel club to officially recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier and has a strict policy against associating itself with any organization which sanctions dog-fighting.  Like the AKC, it has rigid standards.  Registration without a three-generation pedigree is difficult.  Its website is also very informative and a good source of breed information.

American Dog Breeders Association
Founded in 1909, the ADBA is a registry devoted exclusively to the American Pit Bull Terrier.  While it does not deny the fighting history of the pit bulldog, it strives to promote responsible ownership of the APBT, and officially decries all illegal activities involving the breed.  The organization actively strives to dispel the myths and misunderstandings of this wonderful breed, as well as provides support to the Endangered Breeds Association, a group which opposes anti-Pit Bull legislation.

Continental Kennel Club
The Continental Kennel Club is easier to register with if you do not have a three-generation pedigree, and is a place to start if you are founding your own bloodline but do not have a pedigree started.  It is an all-breed club, recognizing some breeds not acknowledged by other kennel clubs.  It also registers some popular hybrids, such as the Pekapoo, with an eye on developing new breeds.   Color photo registrations are available, as well as pedigree services, DNA certification, and microchip IDs.
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